The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The next best time is now. Let our ISA Certified Arborist lead your next tree planting project to ensure each tree is given the best chance to grow and thrive for many decades to come. 
Each planting includes a specialized fertilizer mix, organic mulching, and regular maintenance. In addition, we can help condition plots of soil with adequate water, air, and organic materials for future plantings.
We offer minimally invasive pruning services to remove dead or dangerous limbs, maintain tree health, and ensure structural stability. We will determine in our consultation which limbs should be removed to keep your tree the healthiest it can be.
Soil Aeration & Deep Root Fertilization
Using the AirSpade pneumatic device, we can aerate compacted soil and fertilize root systems to support the long-term health of both young and mature trees. This process is ideal for new plantings, residential/urban trees that suffer from compacted soil and a lack of nutrients, as well as trees near construction sites where root damage is common.
Habitat Preservation Removal
We are not in the business of removing healthy trees. However, we will fell and remove dead and dangerous trees if necessary. We will do our best to preserve as much safe habitat for local wildlife as possible. This often means removing all dangerous limbs and leaving the trunk of the tree for birds, squirrels, and other wild neighbors!
Timber Stand Improvement
We work with woodland owners to clear dead snags, remove invasive species, and thin crowded ecosystems to allow native species to thrive while also providing safe opportunities for recreation on your property.​​​​​​​
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